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Conditions are used to set requirements to progress in an achievement.
Below is a list of all the built-in conditions:


Custom items and blocks from ItemsAdder, Oraxen and MMOItems are supported!
Discover more about it here.

Global Conditions

Supported by all types of achievements.

game-modesA list of game modes- SURVIVAL
worldsA list of worlds- "world"
item-in-handA list of items needed to be in the player's hand- <material>
item-equippedA list of items needed to be equipped- <material>
riding-entityA list of entities needed to be riding- HORSE
regionsA list of WorldGuard regions- "spawn"

Task-specific Conditions

Supported only by some types of achievements.

entitiesA list of entities- CHICKEN
- mythicmobs:<mob-id>
- mm:<mob-id>
itemsA list of items- <material>
blocksA list of blocks- <material>
potion-effectsA list of potion types- SWIFTNESS