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Internal Placeholders

The following placeholders work in commands and menu.


These placeholders may not be available in all messages and menus.
Please report any problems in my Discord Server.

General Placeholders

{guildName}Get the guild's name
{players} and {members}Get the guild's members count
{onlinePlayers}Get the guild's online members count
{offlinePlayers}Get the guild's offline members count
{maxPlayers}Get the guild's maximum members count
{description}Get the guild's description
{motdEditor}Get the latest guild's motd editor name
{editTime}Get the latest guild's motd edit time
{creationTime}Get the formatted guild's creation time
{guildTag}Get the guild's tag or none string if null
{guildTagColor}Get the guild's tag color
{guildTagColorName}Get the guild's tag color name (ex: DARK_AQUA)
{guildTagFormatted}Get the formatted guild's tag (config: guild-tag.format)

Guild Level

{level} and {currentLevel}Get the guild's current level
{progressBar}Get the level progress bar
{nextLevel} and {nextGuildLevel}Get the guild's next level
{xp}Get the guild's xp
{requiredXp}Get the required xp to the next level
{percentage}Get the xp percentage to the next level

Guild Rank

{rankName}Get the rank's name
{rankDisplayName}Get the rank's display name
{rankTag}Get the rank's tag
{rankTagFormatted}Get the formatted rank's tag (config: guild-rank-tag.format)
{rankTagColor}Get the rank's tag color
{rankPriority}Get the rank's priority
{rankMembers}Get the formatted rank's members name

Guild Quest

{quest_progress}Get the quest's progress
{quest_next_reward}Get the quest's next reward
{quest_next_reset}Get the quest's next reset
{quest_tier}Get the quest's tier id
{quest_required_amount}Get the quest's tier required amount
{quest_tiers}Get the quest's tiers message

Guild Player

{player}Get the player's name
{joinDate}Get the player's join date
{lastOnline}Get the player's last online date