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Commands and Permissions

Player Commands

  • /woolwars join <arena>/<group>/random
    Join an arena or group of arenas.
    Permission: woolwars.join

  • /woolwars leave /leave
    Leave the current arena.
    Permission: woolwars.leave

  • /woolwars arenas
    Open the arenas menu.
    Permission: woolwars.arenas

  • /woolwars stats
    Open the statistics menu.
    Permission: woolwars.stats

Admin Commands

  • /woolwars forcestart
    Force start the game.
    Permission: woolwars.forcestart

  • /woolwars setup <arena>
    Setup a new arena.
    Permission: woolwars.admin

  • /woolwars setlobby
    Set the lobby location.
    Permission: woolwars.admin

  • /woolwars reload
    Reload the plugin.
    Permission: woolwars.admin

Other Permissions

  • woolwars.bypass
    Bypass the command blocker.

  • woolwars.playagain
    Allow the player to play again after a game.

  • woolwars.forcestart
    Allow the player to force start the game.