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You need to have PlaceholderAPI installed.

General Placeholders

%woolwars_wins%Get the player wins
%woolwars_losses%Get the player losses
%woolwars_games_played%Get the number of games played
%woolwars_kills%Get the player kills
%woolwars_deaths%Get the player deaths
%woolwars_wool_placed%Get the amount of wool placed
%woolwars_blocks_broken%Get the amount of blocks broken
%woolwars_powerups_collected%Get the amount of powerups collected
%woolwars_selected_kit%Get the name of the selected kit
%woolwars_win_streak%Get the player win streak
%woolwars_kdr%Get the player KDR
%woolwars_count_total%Get the total amount of players playing
%woolwars_count_<group>%Get the amount of players playing in the specified group

In-Game Placeholders

%woolwars_arena_id%Get the current arena ID
%woolwars_arena_displayname%Get the current arena display name
%woolwars_arena_group%Get the current arena group
%woolwars_arena_state%Get the current arena state
%woolwars_arena_time%Get the current arena time in seconds
%woolwars_arena_time_formatted%Get the current arena time formatted as mm:ss
%woolwars_arena_win_points%Get the current arena win points
%woolwars_arena_players%Get the current number of players in the arena
%woolwars_arena_max_players%Get the current arena max players
%woolwars_arena_kills%Get the current kills
%woolwars_arena_deaths%Get the current deaths
%woolwars_arena_wool_placed%Get the current amount of wool placed
%woolwars_arena_blocks_broken%Get the current amount of blocks broken
%woolwars_arena_round_kills%Get the current round kills
%woolwars_arena_round_wool_placed%Get the current round wool placed
%woolwars_arena_round_blocks_broken%Get the current round blocks broken